Our Story

North Fly Apparel is a fly fishing apparel company that started based on a few sketches and a few memories from being out fishing.


Yep that’s me still fishing the first creek I caught trout in. In Lansing, NC


First off let me say thank you for stopping by and checking out North Fly Apparel. This whole thing started with sketches I was doing one evening with my daughter. I took that evenings sketch and started toying with the idea to start an apparel company based around taking memories or instances from fishing and trying to illustrate them in my sketches. Those then turned into ideas for T-shirts and stickers.

I am a North Carolina native and was introduced into fly fishing when my dad and I took a float trip down the South Watauga in TN. That was all it took for me to jump in feet first. That year for Christmas my parents got me the ol trusty 9’ 5wt rod/reel combo, a pair of felt sole velcro boats and neoprene waders (yep I was looking good). That setup is what got me into things and there are some funny stories from showing up with other “true” fly fishing guys suited up like that. Those guys are the ones that helped me find the true purpose to North Carolina flyfishing, they got me hooked on finding those hidden gems.

Once that started I started making my own rods, tying my own flies and digging into the Appalachian mountains trying to find those places most people never see, those places that hold fish that may have never been caught or seen a fly presented to them. It is that desire that still pushes me to explore new places or go back and experience places from the past to see what changes have occurred or if I can get redemption from being skunked before.

At this point in my life being on the water is what truly relaxes me, gives me that opportunity to disconnect with everything else and focus fully on the fly I choose, the water I’m fishing and the potential fish that may grace me with its presence for just a moment before being released back into the water. Whether it is a 4” brook trout, a stocker rainbow, or a big stud brown it is definitely a place that I get to be at peace. However a colored up, torpedo brookie eating a dry fly is what gives me the love for North Carolina Appalachian Mountain fly fishing.